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conference schedule

Saturday • Oct 21

 9:00 to 10:00 

Plenary Session: Alex Warren 

National Geographic Learning

3 July
Alex Bio Photo2.jpg

Stuck in the middle with you - Incorporating linguistic mediation into your everyday teaching

 10:10 to 11:55 

3-day courses - day 2

Courses will run throughout the conference and you can choose one of the topics to follow for the three days

cris + renata (1).png

Tutors: Cristiane Perone &

Renata Borges

Gen A: who they are and how they can change the classroom

Day 2:

On the second day of the course, we will understand the implications of some of the Gen A characteristics to the teaching-learning process. We will suggest a range of activities to use with learners in light of their demographic profile.

leticia + sueli.png

Tutors: Letícia Moraes &

Sueli Busmayer

Getting into materials writing

Day 2:

What changes from devising activities for specific groups of learners and for a specific and familiar teaching context (schools, language institutes)?

foto paulo.jpg

Tutor: Paulo Dantas

Design thinking and education

Day 2:

Ideation & Prototyping


We'll dive into the ideation and prototyping stages and collaborate to brainstorm solutions and create low-fidelity prototypes for feedback. We'll also explore the facilitation and brainstorming sessions as well as the development and testing of low-fidelity prototypes to address educational challenges.


 12:00 - 12:45 

Webinar Slot

(webinars are delivered by members of our community who have submitted proposals and have been coached by Troika staff)

Materials design

Cartooning your lessons: how to transform slides into an animation?

Carolina Marnati


Language Awareness in CLIL: Empowering Teaching and Learning

Maku Parreira

Bilingual education

Two plus two equals four: the role of CALP when solving Word Problems in Math classes

Caroline Barqueta


AI Tools for Educators

Roberta Freitas

Letramento digital

Letramento digital primeiro, transformação digital depois

Janaina for Education


Optimizing the independent language learner's toolkit with AI

Stephan Hughes

 12:45 - 13:45 

Lunch Break & Troikafezinho

Por que você precisa da Troika membership?

Aline Schwarzer

 13:45 - 14:45 

Ask the Expert: Vinnie Nobre


Professional development

14:45 - 16:15

Round Table - IA e Educação

nina da hora_edited.jpg

Nina da Hora

Instituto da Hora


Priscila Gonsales

Instituto Educadigital

GRS Evento 2023.jpg

George R. Stein


 16:15 - 17:00 

Webinar Slot

(webinars are delivered by members of our community who have submitted proposals and have been coached by Troika staff)

21st century skills

Let's CAP in the classroom and in the staffroom!


Zaira Coutinho


Explorando a Ética no Uso das Inteligências Artificiais na Educação

Elivelton Domingos


Teaching Global Pronunciation: what really matters

Bianca Pinto

Inclusive education

Unlocking Potential: Adaptive Instructional Strategies for Inclusive Special Education

Ariane Valieri & Eduardo Leite

Business English

Redefining Business English: Modernizing Teaching for a Transformed Work World

Carla D'Elia

Ensino de escrita

A escrita como ferramenta de apropriação de espaços escolares

Gabriela Coleta & Patricia Rossi Julio

 17:00 - 18:45 

3-day courses - day 2

Courses will run throughout the conference and you can choose one of the topics to follow for the three days


Tutor: Mônica Freire

Lesson planning

Day 2:

Discussing and challenging one’s beliefs and practice about lesson planning

Establishing learning outcomes

Analysing elements that should be taken into account when anticipating potential problems in achieving learning outcomes and devising solutions

Planning student-centred lessons

Anico Perfler.png

Tutor: Anico Perfler

Designing and delivering Exam Prep courses

Day 2:

The course itself


On the second day, we will delve into ideas and processes that are relevant when planning lessons for student preparation: we will start by considering issues related to (a) placement tests; (b) which types of activities work for different types of tasks; (c) how to introduce the format and skills required for the exam at the beginning of the lessons; (d) how to develop action plans based on continuous assessment and mocks (including a mock monitoring spreadsheet); (e) when to administer mock tests and (f) questions related to feedback that encompasses both the academic and emotional aspects.

akemi + joyce (1).png

Tutors: Akemi Iwasa

Joyce Fettermann

Accents and identity: fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom

Day 2:

We’ll provide an overview of the concepts of accent variation, accentism, English as a Lingua Franca, and intelligibility, from Jenkins (2020), Bordon (2020) and other authors’ perspectives. We’ll then analyze their potential implications within classroom settings, particularly in terms of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

 18:50 - 19:50 

Plenary Session: José Moran


Como promover uma aprendizagem

criativa, humanizadora e digital

 19:50 - 20:00 

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