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pages of content published.

70 schools, publishers and education companies served.

1,500 schools use materials produced by us.

We know what we're doing.

As a publishing manager, you understand the importance of precision, quality, and adaptability. At Troika, we specialize in providing customized educational solutions that align with your publishing objectives.


With a dedicated approach across our three core service verticals, we ensure that your content reaches its highest potential. Collaborate with us for a streamlined, effective, and informed approach to meet the ever-evolving demands of the educational publishing landscape.

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In 2022, we assisted Pearson, the world's largest education company, in developing content for an online English course targeted at government clients. With over 200 class scripts, hundreds of digital activities, and more than 400 animations produced within 12 weeks, we ensured a high-quality rollout. This enabled the company to penetrate new markets with a top-tier pedagogical product

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content development

We develop educational content in text, audiovisual, or digital formats for publishers, schools, colleges, and institutional partners. We have produced over 10,000 pages of educational editorial content through textbooks or methodologies for language teaching, early childhood education, and elementary education, bilingual materials, lesson plans, educational apps, and digital game scripts.

teacher development

We are dedicated to empowering educators, be they teachers, coordinators, administrators, or anyone keen on delving deeper into education. We firmly believe that to teach effectively, one must be in a state of continuous learning. We embody this principle not only by offering courses for educators but also by providing lectures, workshops, and designing customized training pathways for our institutional partners.

academic management

We provide pedagogical and educational management consulting services to address a range of needs, catering to everyone from small schools to multinational education groups. Our expertise encompasses the development and implementation of pedagogical projects, management of pedagogical teams, strategic planning, brand repositioning, curriculum design, crafting digital learning pathways, adapting curricula, and localizing international materials for the LatAm market.

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