an online conference with the Troika ethos.

8 to 11 October 2021

Round tables with a fantastic line-up of participants

40-minute webinars delivered by our community (concurrent sessions)

6-hour courses to choose from (6 topics)

An e-book with the key issues from the conference

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Stephen Krashen, Scott Thornbury, Vinicius Nobre, Catarina Pontes, Ben Goldstein, and many other leading members of the English Language Teaching community. 

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Oct 8


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Oct 10


Oct 11

meet the confirmed speakers!

Aparecida Ferreira

Aparecida de Jesus Ferreira tem doutorado – PhD e Pós-Doutorado pela University of London – Inglaterra. É professora Associada e Pesquisadora da UEPG – Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa. Ministra aulas no curso de Letras – Graduação e Mestrado. Professora visitante no King’s College London, London – UK (2018). Professora visitante na University of Bristol, Bristol – UK (2020). Tem ministrado palestras desde 1990 na área educacional no Brasil e no exterior.

Catarina Pontes

Catarina Pontes is Projects & Innovation Manager at CNA. She has been working with English language teaching for almost 25 years, and with teacher education for about 15 years. She is an international conference speaker and the co-author of Getting into Teacher Education, a Handbook (Cengage Learning). She holds a BA in Languages, Translation-Interpreting (UNIBERO) and a specialization in Translation (USP), and is currently doing her MBA on Human Resources Management (USP-ESALQ).

Ben Goldstein

Ben Goldstein has taught English for over twenty years in the UK, Spain and Hong Kong. He currently teaches on The New School’s online MATESOL program (New York). He is the author of the course book and workbook for English Unlimited Advanced, the teachers’ methodology handbook working with Images and the forthcoming Language Learning with Digital Video. His main interests lie in intercultural issues, identity, images and video and English as an International Language.

Cristiane Perone

Cristiane Perone has over 20 years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer and academic coordinator. She currently works as a senior consultant for Troika in São Paulo. She has a BA in Languages (USP) and a Specialization in Business Administration (UNIP), besides CEELT II and ICELT (University of Cambridge), Anaheim TESOL (Anaheim University) and the DELTA (University of Cambridge).

Isabela Villas Boas

Isabela Villas Boas holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Arizona State University and a Ph.D. in Education from Universidade de Brasília. She has been at Casa Thomas Jefferson for 28 years, where she is currently the Academic Superintendent. Her main academic interests are second language writing, teacher development, ELT methodology, and assessment.

Luciana Fernández

Luciana Fernández is a graduate teacher of English and a teacher educator who has 27 years´experience in the field of education. She has specialized in Methodology, Teaching Practice, Early Years Education, Literacy and Critical Thinking. She holds a Diploma in Educational Research from University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. She has also two postgraduate certifications in Teaching for Comprehension and Thinking Cultures (FUNDACIES, Colombia).

Laura McWilliams

Laura McWilliams is the IATEFL YLTSIG Community Coordinator and works as an Academic Manager in France, having previously worked in the United Kingdom and Egypt. She is a Cambridge Delta holder and has presented at numerous international conferences. Prior to becoming an English teacher, she was a professional theatrical stage-manager, and regularly brings her passion for drama into the ELT classroom.

Leticia Moraes

Leticia Moraes has been involved in English teaching for over 15 years, 5 of which working with English course development and teacher training. She has experience with all ages and levels of fluency, having acted mainly with teenager's learning and project methodology. Leticia has a Bachelor's in languages (English) and journalism, both from USP, as well as a specialization on remote teaching from UNICSUL.

Monica Freire

Monica Freire is a partner at Troika. She has a degree in languages from UFRJ, a RSA DOTE from Cambridge University, a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from UFRJ, specializations in Teacher Development, Assessment and CLIL from Chichester University and Project Management from IBMEC. Monica has worked with English teaching since 1984 and has acted as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic coordinator, international examiner, courses and materials developer ever since.

Paulo Dantas

Paulo Dantas is a managing partner at Troika, an education projects start-up. He has been involved in education for 15 years as a teacher, teacher educator, course designer, materials writer and coursebook editor; in the last few years, Paulo has explored ways in which technology and innovation impact teaching and learning and has developed apps, platforms and other digital products for language learning and teacher education.

Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornbury has taught and trained in Egypt, UK, Spain, and in his native New Zealand. His writing credits include several award-winning books for teachers on language and methodology, including How to Teach Vocabulary and How to Teach Grammar (Pearson). The second editions of both About Language (Cambridge) and An A-Z of ELT (Macmillan) were published last year. His latest book is Scott Thornbury’s 30 Language Teaching Methods (Cambridge).

Stephen Krashen

Stephen Krashen has published over 500 articles (540 at last count) and a dozen scholarly books in the fields of literacy, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, and bilingual education. Many of these publications are available for free download at sdkrashen.com and some are posted at researchgate. He no longer writes books because nobody can afford them. Nevertheless, he is the most frequently cited scholar in the field of language education.

Vinicius Nobre

Vinnie is the Academic Director for CNA Idiomas. He has acted as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic coordinator, international examiner, educational manager and author of pedagogical content in various contexts. Vinnie has written textbooks (Project Ace and Huperlink - both through Pearson) and is co-author of three methodology books and was a Managing Partner at Troika.


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