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Troika Teacher Trainers

We’re very happy to announce that Troika Teacher Trainers is coming up!

Do you know the Troika Teacher Trainers course?

The Troika Teacher Trainers course is designed for teachers who want to become teacher trainers and for all of those who would like to investigate how professional education works. You will learn the most important strategies to help teachers develop professionally, such as how to give feedback, plan development sessions, help teachers design personal development plans and much more!

This year’s TTT will be offered in two modalities: face-to-face or online. The face-to-face version will take place in São Paulo as an intensive 5-day course, from July 20th to 24th. The online version will happen from July 26th to December 04th. The online course includes both live sessions (once a week, on Saturdays from 4:30 to 6:30) over the course of 20 weeks and self-study moments.

Each edition features a main course tutor who is responsible for the organisation of the course and several guest tutors. For the 2021 editions of the Troika Teacher Trainers, tutors include: Paulo Dantas, Isabela Villas Boas, Mônica Freire, Guilherme Pacheco and special guests.

To discover more about the event, click here.

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