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Troika Tracks are the credentials you need for a boost in your carreer! There are four different tracks and you can choose the ones that best match your professional needs. Each track is made up of several short courses, ensuring the flexibility you need for your professional development.

Take the courses in any order you like, and when you complete all of the Track modules, you become a Troika Certified Teacher in a specialism: Core Teaching, Private Teacher, Language Center Teacher or School Teacher.

Choose your Troika Track now and start studying today!

Special conditions for Troika Members apply².

Over 50h of short, self-access courses covering practical aspects of English language teaching. These online courses can be taken stand-alone or as a part of a long-term professional development strategy.

 Enrol now and enjoy the best of Troika-curated content. We have several courses already available and many more to come soon!


teacher track

Preparing Students for Exams 

Methods and Approaches in ELT



Project-Based Learning

Principles in Second Language Acquisition

Education Technology 

*courses in English





Aulas Individuais

Aspectos Legais para o Professor Autônomo

Marketing Digital

Desenho de Curso

Recursos Didáticos e Tecnológicos

*courses in Portuguese

language center

teacher track



Teaching Grammar

Teaching Vocabulary

Developing Reading

Developing Listening

Developing Speaking

Error Correction

Task Design

*courses in English

school teacher track


Bilingual Education

The Maker Movement

21st Century Skills

Developing Social-Emotional Competence

How Children Learn

*courses in English

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¹Troika Track Certificates will be issued upon the completion of all the modules of each track. Some courses are not yet available and will be released by September 2022. Courses can be purchased individually and certificates will be issued for each course separately.

²Troika Track Courses are at a discounted rate depending on membership level. For conditions, visit our Membership Page.

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