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Troika Weekend Immersion | Online

Taking your language awareness knowledge to the next level.
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Troika Weekend Immersion | Online

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18 de abr. de 2020 10:00 – 17:45
Online Course

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 What?  A special online Troika weekend in which four tutors will talk about language awareness. 

1. Grammar Beyond the coursebook

Lygia Leite will discuss some uses of grammar structures which are not usually featured in textbooks or in the classroom.


1. What is grammar?

2. Conditional clauses

3. Future forms

4. Present tenses

5. Implications in the classroom

2. Look: There's Language All Around!

Guilherme Pacheco will discuss the main principles behind "The Noticing Hypothesis" by Richard Schmidt.


1. The Noticing Hypothesis – the theory behind it 

2. Practical examples of how noticing is used in the EFL classroom 

3. Noticing: hands-on task

3. Sound advice

Bruno Albuquerque will discuss pronunciation issues. By the end of the session, participants should be better able to predict, identify, analyse and correct their students’ pronunciation mistakes.


1. Contrastive analysis

2. Phonemic chart

3. Common pitfalls

4. Activities to work on pronunciation

4.Language awareness as a key aspect of a student-centred approach to learning

Mônica Freire will talk about how increasing students’ LA helps them be better able to understand, appreciate, use and learn the language.


1. What LA involves for teachers and students

2. A student-centred view of Language Awareness

3. Activities that can be done in class to help students increase their own LA

When?  April 18th, Saturday ,10:00am to 5:45pm – Exclusive for Troika Members 

April 19th, Sunday,10:00am to 5:45pm- For members and non-members.

How much?  Troika Members - free 

Non-members - R$ 70,00

Language? English

  • Troika Weekend Immersion

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