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Social Emotional Skills | Online |

The course aims to provide an overview about how to develop social emotional skills.
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Social Emotional Skills | Online |

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20 de mar. 14:00 – 15:30
Online Course

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Socioemotional learning focuses on a set of social, emotional, behavioral, and character skills that support success in school, the workplace, relationships, and the community. The aim of this talk is to describe briefly what these important social emotional skills are and how they are shaping education in the XXI century.

In order to do this, the speaker will focus on a number of simple strategies which a teacher can use in order to develop these skills in themselves as well as in their learners.

  • Teach students to embrace their own feelings.
  • Recognise emotions and expand on the range of emotions you deal with.
  • Focus on positive emotions, but do not shy from addressing negative emotions, when needed.
  • Help students make responsible decisions.
  • Set norms.
  • Support diversity and empathy.
  • Teach yourself and your students about breathing and the autonomic nervous system.
  • Empower students.

From this perspective, the teacher will hopefully be perceived not just as a language model but also as a model of integrity for students to follow.


Guilherme Pacheco has been working in the field of language teaching for more than 30 years. He’s worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and language consultant for many institutions such as Britannia and Cultura Inglesa (Rio de Janeiro) and Seven and Troika (São Paulo). He has a BA in English, an MA in Language Education, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychology. He also trained as a body psychotherapist.


When?  March 20, 2021 -  from 14pm to 13:30pm


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Language? English

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  • Social Emotional Skills

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