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Nobody knows your market like you do. 

Nossos serviços

That's why we focus on providing you with the best tailor-made solutions for materials publishing and lifelong education within your educational setting. 

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content development

We develop educational content in text, audiovisual, or digital formats for publishers, schools, colleges, and institutional partners. We have produced over 10,000 pages of educational editorial content through textbooks or methodologies for language teaching, early childhood education, and elementary education, bilingual materials, lesson plans, educational apps, and digital game scripts.

teacher development

We are dedicated to empowering educators, be they teachers, coordinators, administrators, or anyone keen on delving deeper into education. We firmly believe that to teach effectively, one must be in a state of continuous learning. We embody this principle not only by offering courses for educators but also by providing lectures, workshops, and designing customized training pathways for our institutional partners.

education management

We provide pedagogical and educational management consulting services to address a range of needs, catering to everyone from small schools to multinational education groups. Our expertise encompasses the development and implementation of pedagogical projects, management of pedagogical teams, strategic planning, brand repositioning, curriculum design, crafting digital learning pathways, adapting curricula, and localizing international materials for the LatAm market.

Membership for Schools


Offer the best ongoing training for your team with annual planning and a consultant dedicated to supporting your pedagogical decisions. Get a free consultation and learn how we can take your school to the next level.

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Mais de 30 novos cursos por ano, além de mais de 150 horas de conteúdo para sua equipe assistir onde e quando quiser.

app exclusivo

Toda a sua equipe com acesso exclusivo ao nosso aplicativo de cursos, um grande benefício para os seus colaboradores.

a formação que você precisa

Sessões de treinamento desenhadas exclusivamente para a sua escola todo semestre.


Seus professores com desconto em Exames de Cambridge, livrarias e eventos de parceiros.


Sabe aquela conversa que você gostaria de ter sobre gestão escolar? Sobre marketing? Sobre KPIs? A gente está aqui para a sua escola.


A gente escolhe os melhores textos, as melhores palestras, os melhores podcasts, tudo para os seus professores darem as melhores aulas.

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